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84% customers say “Being treated like a person is important to them”.

Personal relationships are important in business.
One golden rule to create great relationships is to be in touch with your clients. Always!
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A strong engagement keeps the customer coming back for more. Little gestures like remembering important dates by personalised emails for birthdays and anniversaries or special occasions bring a smile to the face and develop a loyalty towards the relationship. Personalised email can make the customers realise that you have their best interest at heart as well as respect their privacy during that intimate occasion which they probably just wish to spend with close ones.

  • Select / add sender
  • Ensure email address of recipient is correct
  • Email will go out to the recipient on the scheduled day as per design and message set by you


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1 pack = 50 emails

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The Business of Business is Relationships. The Business of Life is Human Connection
- Robin Sharma.

Don’t bargain on your Customers’ loyalty, show them you care and value their support. Turn them into loyal customers through smart profiling and targeted communication. A good relationship is fortified with good communication…… Consistency and communication is really everything….. Any tool that enhances communication has profound effect in terms of how people can learn from each other and how they can achieve more…… Express, acknowledge, inspire, motivate or simply keep in touch….. Communicate effectively. Gratefy offers solutions to simplify your communication obligations.

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