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Gratefy helps clients build strong long-term relationships with their existing clients, potential clients, employees or vendors or colleagues.

Business is about relationships. Strong relationships are built over time. They aren’t based on one time transactional acts. One has to invest towards building a relationship.
Nurturing a relationship is an investment over time.

While recognizing the importance of relationship in a business, one may face challenges to implement:

  • may not know how to strengthen relationships

  • may lack time, or

  • may find it too long- term in nature without instant dividends

  • may lack persistence required to nurture relationships

Gratefy works towards providing an answer to each of the above

  • We are not mere consultants; we partner with you through the complete journey - Choose, Execute & Deliver.

  • Gratefy offers Annual Gifting packs at modest budget start-up packs (starting at just Rs. 999/year).

  • Gratefy offers curated events

  • Gratefy offers scheduled communication in forms of mail & WhatsApp messages

We have developed the 5 pillars of Gratefy, which can work towards creating a
human bond or building a long term relationship

  • Message – Schedule a Personalised Message

    95% CEOs believe Personal relationships are important to Business.

    The roots of a lasting relationship are mindfulness and loving speech….. To express gratitude is honorable …. What can be better than a timely message acknowledging, expressing appreciation to your employees, existing clients, potential clients, friends, vendors, colleagues? Gratefy supports you in this quest for strengthening bonds…... with simplicity.
    Start with remembering and sending them a message on special days. Consistently!
    Now, Schedule your personalised messages for the next 365 days.

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  • Mail- Schedule an Email to Wish

    Personal relationships are important in business.

    Don’t bargain on your Customers’ loyalty, show them you care and value their support. Turn them into loyal customers through smart profiling and targeted communication. A good relationship is fortified with good communication…… Consistency and communication is really everything…… Express, acknowledge, inspire, motivate or simply keep in touch….. Communicate effectively. Gratefy offers solutions to simplify your communication obligations.
    One golden rule to create great relationships is to be in touch with your clients. Always!
    Now, Schedule your personalised Email for the next 365 days.

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  • Gift- Joy of Gifting

    83% CEOs believe gifts generate positive ROI.

    Retaining loyal customers is critical to growing your business. It’s a known fact that 20% of your clients will be loyal and contribute 80% to your sales and profits. Loyal customers are earned by paying attention to them,by showing them that You Care. ‘All lasting business is built on friendship’. Gift giving is a part of culture no matter where you are …. The excellence of a gift lies in the message or feeling it conveys rather than its value and also, in the consistency with which you do it. So express your thoughtfulness by sending a gift to someone you value. Reinforce understanding, strengthen relationship, improve teamwork, and build trust with a timely, thoughtful gift. As it is rightly said, it is in giving that we receive.

    Gifting made easy -

    • Express Delivery :You can buy for immediate delivery
    • Scheduled: You can schedule for the complete year for your clients employees, friends and colleagues
    • Bulk: You can purchase bulk quantity for your corporate clients
    • Annual Gifting Plans : You can opt to gift our annual preset gifting plans.

    Long term business relationships need planning, consistency, timely execution and gratitude expressed. Choose from our pre-packaged and pre-designed annual gifting plans starting at just Rs 999 for gifts sent to your clients 2 or 4 times in a year.

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  • Event- Create Memories with an Event

    73% B2B Companies report that customer engagement increased sales.

    Events are engaging and deeply experiential in nature. An event facilitates face-to-face engagement and establishes intimate relationship between the giver and the clients or employees. Events are a tangible reminder to the client of your appreciation and gratitude. Feedback is more upfront and hence can help understand customer psyche is an effective manner.
    Enquire about how you can organise events with us to create long term relationships.
    Now, Schedule your Personalised Messages for the next 365 days.

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  • Experience – Gift a memorable Experience

    It costs 5 to 25 times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one.

    For relationships to grow, it’s important that people stay connected - to say hello, to congratulate someone, to put a smile on someone’s face, to inspire them to excel, to allow people to dream and to anticipate the future in a positive manner. Think of EXPERIENTIAL GIFTING as a unique and fulfilling way of staying connected with your valued relationships.
    This is a completely new and innovative offering from Gratefy : Enquire how we can create customised experience.
    Enquire about experiences that you can gift your clients.

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Among many other possible ways of building relationships, we believe the above 5 go a long way in starting the journey of building relationships with any stakeholder. We plan and execute end-to-end.

How it works? –In just 3 easy steps

Login / Sign up on as a corporate or as an individual

Add your recipient contact (you can also categorize your recipient database) on the panel or simply just download our excel format and then upload data instantaneously

Schedule a message, mail, gift, event or experience. We will ensure production, packaging and delivery. End-to-end solution.

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