Our Story

Gratefy was conceived as an idea and founded by Mousumi. We are a group of passionate individuals with experience in marketing and operations functions in various sectors over 20 years each. In our endeavour to grow with our companies we realised that to build sustainable businesses,companies need to focus more on their core. Core clients as well as core employees. Businesses are not just about sales and advertising. Marketing also entails focussing on knowing your clients, creating a long term relationship with them, providing them service, taking feedback and getting referrals from them. In an era of advertising and promotional blitzkrieg across all segments, a business can make a difference by focussing on the client and thus induce an organic and self-sustained growth.

We feel that business relationships can grow with the thought of appreciation. We could express our gratitude to our clients in simple ways like making a personal phone call, remembering special occasions, being warm and empathetic thus giving the human touch.

We are slowly moving to a highly digitised era where human touch to any relationship is reducing by the minute. Hence our endeavour to reach the human heart consistently and thus strengthen our business associations with clients through various avenues provided by Gratefy.

Our core team is represented by our dynamic trio

Mousumii, Malati and Anupama.

Mousumi Nandy Dhar

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Malati Majumdar

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Anupama Som

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